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Why Use a Blog Reader?

Readers (also known as news aggregators) are an awesome way to bring together all the online content you read. Not only can you keep organized, but they make it a cinch to glance through your list and know who has made an update that you might want to read. They work by pulling all your RSS feeds from blogs and news into one window pane. Down one side they have a list of the blogs you're subscribed to, and in the viewing pane they show the articles that have been posted. They highlight the blog titles whenever a person does an update, so in one glance you can see what new content to view.

I resisted a reader at first, but now in 15 minutes a day I can glance through 30+ blogs and read the articles that interest me. I chose the Google reader, but only because my blog is on Google and I already had an account.

Why do you need to read so many blogs? Because so many people are posting so much of what they're thinking. Blogs are also an ideal way to learn about something new (SEO is my topic of choice these days). Many people write extensively on one topic, so you can learn a lot just by reading a few minutes daily. They're also a great way to share information between friends. Many people write in a blog like a diary.

If you want to take in the benefits of blog information, then I would recommend a reader. You can use one online or through your computer. It will save you so much time! Here are some of the most popular readers: