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Press Releases: Great Way to Gain Inbound Links

As I wrote in I Want My Site to Be #1 On Google, inbound links are key to getting higher rankings on Google. I was recently told that an excellent way to obtain inbound links was by sending out a press release online. It makes sense if you send out a release where within the release you link back to your home page or relevant pages within your site. It doesn't have to cost money, either, because there are many free sites that provide press release distribution services. Here are some of the top ones:

I'm sure now you're thinking "nice idea, but what would I put in a press release?" Pretty much anything related to your business that is newsworthy. For example:
  • Landau Design recently launched a new Joomla site for Save-a-Life No-Kill Animal Shelter. We used the latest technology and helped a worthy cause in order to provide support for our community. People love to read stories like that.
  • Perhaps in your business you have volunteered to teach classes or give a lecture on a relevant topic. Or maybe you've had a change in staff you would like to announce.
  • People send out press releases when they've made major internal changes, such as switching to a new technology or creating something unique.
If you think about the kind of things you tell people that you do when your promote your business, those are the kinds of things that can be turned into a press release. So go spread your news and increase your rankings!