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How to Schedule Posts in Blogger

We've discussed the benefits of blogging for business and SEO, but how do you find time to write all those blog posts? If you're required to input the blog post every morning, then you have to put it into your schedule. Alternatively, you can post your blog ahead of time, and use the scheduling feature to launch your posts at the chosen time.

Steps to schedule a post:

  1. Create a new post and write your copy (or you can write it in Word and paste it into the editing window).
  2. Add any images/graphics you would like.
  3. Add in the labels it should be categorized under.
  4. Click the Post Options link in the bottom left of the window (see figure).
  5. Click the Schedule at radio button in the bottom right.
  6. Write in the date and time you want the post to publish.
  7. Click the Publish Post button.

Now in your list of blog posts there will be a "scheduled" label next to the post's name. This tells you that the post has been input into your system, but it has not yet been published for public view. The system will then launch your post at the assigned time.

Using this scheduling method, you can pre-write all your blogs for the week, month or whatever time schedule you prefer. So you can set aside larger amounts to time to write your blog, rather than spending every morning making sure it gets launched on time.