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Why I Always Tell Clients to Add a Resource Page

Often when discussing initial information architecture with clients, I bring up the subject of a resource page. Sometimes it's followed by a scrunched brow from the client. I can hear them thinking, "But that's more work in research time..." Yes it is, but the purpose is to provide a resource for your clientele.

I recently read an article in about how small businesses can utilize the web to provide customer service that goes a long way in growing your company. Providing information in one location that clients can use over and over is an ideal way to get them to bookmark your site and come back for repeat visits. Even if they aren't using your services now, each visit reminds them that you are there to help.

A resource page does not have to be complicated. It can include:

  • Links to industry websites organized by topics
  • RSS feeds from newsworthy sites that are related to your industry
  • Document library with pertinent forms downloadable in PDF format
  • Links to regulating agencies or associations in your industry
  • Links to useful articles
  • A community forum where people can post questions and get answers from colleagues
  • An FAQ library where you answer questions about your company and industry

A resource page creates a connection between you and your clients
that can easily be grown by asking your users for suggestions and input. It's a small time investment compared to the positive impact it has on your service image.