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Should You Use Twitter to Promote Your Business?

My clients often ask me the benefits of Twitter. My answer usually frames around "it depends on how much time you want to invest." Twitter is a casual conversation tool that engages our sense of ambient awareness. It's like the things you say to the people you meet in the elevator every day on the way to work. The more you chat, the more you will engage the people. Over time you can develop relationships with people, but what sort of relationship might you have at 140 characters a comment?

So much has been written on this subject it's really impossible to come up with something new. So instead I have compiled a group of articles that speak to this subject. There is no right answer when it comes to Twitter. Those who love it have found a way to make it work for them, and those who don't may not care or don't know how to make it work for them. Perhaps the following will assist in figuring out how Twitter can help you.

How To Get Started With Twitter:

Tips on Making the Most of Twitter for Business:

How Other Businesses Use Twitter: