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Do You Need More Than 1 Bird in Your Twitter Pen?

Today we sat down and talked about how we are using Twitter in business. What we've come to realize is that personal Tweets are often not in line with what our business is all about. While a great deal of our tweets are related to Joomla, Joomla training or web design, so many others are related to parenting, helping animals or education. We have diverse groups of Twitter followers, and our business message was getting diluted. So today we created the Landau Design Twitter account.

Brand is very important to all businesses, and when the principal of a company is strongly aligned with a company brand, it is sometimes difficult to separate the two. Entrepreneurs know this all too well, since often they are seen as the one and only expert in their company.

How do you decide if you should have separate Twitter IDs?
Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you should separate your personal and business Twitter IDs:

  • Is Twitter a key factor in establishing and expanding your online presence?
  • Are your personal and business interests divergent?
  • Are you working on establishing a personal brand separate from your company brand?
  • Are you using Twitter for marketing your business?
  • Would your personal tweets be be TMI (too much information) for potential clients?
  • Do you have the time to manage more than one Twitter account?
  • Do you have multiple employees who could contribute to a company Twitter account?
If you answer yes to 4 or more of the above questions, you should consider establishing a business identity separate from your personal identity on Twitter.