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Should My Business Have A Presence On Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking giant.
In recent years, Facebook has become a major force in the social networking world. People of all ages are utilizing the site and its features to keep in touch with friends and family, share photos online, and search for long lost classmates or coworkers. While Facebook is clearly a convenient way to keep up with personal contacts, can a business benefit from this powerhouse as well?
Most experts say yes. Having a presence online via a website isn’t enough anymore. We now know it is just as important to promote your site and be diligent in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), allowing your site to easily show up in the search engines. Not only that, but Facebook has over 125 million users worldwide. Utilizing the site’s visibility
is certainly an advantage any business can benefit from.

Deciding if Facebook Is Right For Your Business.
One of the best ways to figure out is Facebook is the right choice is to follow the blog of Mari Smith, the guru of Facebook for Business. She wrote 10 Reasons to Use Facebook for Business, which provides some compelling reasons for adding Facebook to your company’s social media plan.

How Can I Create An Effective Business Page?
Once you’ve created a page for your business on Facebook, there are ways to optimize your visibility so that your page gets traffic. Just having a page on Facebook is the first step, but making sure your page is accessible and populated with content is also important. Here are some helpful tips in getting your business page going, and making it effective.

Creating a business page on Facebook ensures that the millions of Facebook users have access to your business in a relevant and convenient way. Exposure of that kind could prove to be an invaluable tool for you and your business!