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Why Should I Syndicate My Content?

Syndicating online is just like it is in other media. When Oprah first started in television, her show only aired on the local ABC station in Chicago. But when her show became syndicated, it was broadcast to all ABC stations around the country. Web syndication is a means of distributing content you have created to other places on the web. An RSS feed is the code used to share this content.

Why syndicate?
If you want to increase your online exposure, syndication is the way to go! A large component of the Internet is about sharing information. By sharing your content through a syndication feed, you are allowing others to benefit from your knowledge. In addition, you provide fresh content to other sites so they can do less work maintaining a current site.

What kind of content should I syndicate?
Anything you have that would be of interest to others. Syndication is not just for blogs, it could also be for press releases or other content within your website. It’s also not just for text either. You can also syndicate images and video. Focus on the area you have knowledge or can add value, and offer that information in an RSS feed. At Landau Design we created this blog to answer the questions all our clients ask, and we have syndicated this blog to help others who are creating or maintaining their web presence.

How do I get people to subscribe?
Make certain you have an easily visible link on your site that says “subscribe to our RSS feed.” Using the orange RSS icon is an excellent way to get your feed link noticed. In Joomla there is a syndication feature built into the system which allows for syndication of any content category. You can also subscribe your content to syndication directories, which allows users to search and select content to use on their site.

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